Vacation Preparation
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Preparing for a vacation involves lots of steps. The following checklist should help you make sure you haven't forgotten anything important!

Before the trip

Task Details Done?
Make reservations  at least have a place to stay the first night!  
Tell a neighbor  ask them to pickup your mail and check your house; tell them who to call in an emergency  
Suspend newspaper if you're concerned about your delivery person knowing you're away, ask a neighbour to collect it  
Pay upcoming bills some may be due while you're away  
Pack medicine prescriptions, cough syrup, antacid, etc  
Water plants they're easy to forget  
Throw away garbage this includes food in the fridge that could go bad  

Final checklist

Do you have the following:

bulletpassport/citizenship/visas (if traveling outside your country)
bulletairline tickets
bulletconfirmation numbers for reservations
bulletmoney (cash, credit card, travelers' cheques)
bulletactivities for the kids
bulletfamily members

Have you:

bulletadjusted your thermostat to save energy?
bulletclosed your blinds and shut your curtains?
bulletleft some lights on?

Discount Coupons

Many are available. It helps to plan ahead. Examples are: 


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