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Here's some information about creating and hosting websites.

bulletwebsite design
bulletdomain name registration
bulletfree website hosting
bulletfree URL redirection

Website Design

To create a good website, consider:

bullet10 Rules For A Good Website
bulletlearn by viewing today's hot websites, including the hot 100

Domain Name Registration

To register and park a domain name, consider: for $15 Canadian per year (really!)
bulletmanage your domain at
bulletfind out who owns a domain name using (excellent)
bullet Network Solutions
bulletif the domain name you want is gone, look for similar ones using 

Free Website Hosting

If you're creating your website with Microsoft FrontPage 2000, be sure to host on a server with FrontPage Server Extensions. An example is...Tripod!

You can search for domain hosts that meet specific requirements at,, and PC Magazine has an article on Web Hosting. The Editor's Choice is

If you want a site optimized for ecommerce, consider the following free hosts: (must use their editor, but no ads) (supports FrontPage. but has ads) (maximum file size is 1.2 MB) (search engine) (excellent resource) (no FrontPage support) (reviews)

Free URL Redirection

This can be very useful, depending on your webhost. (looks like the one) (not the cleanest solution, because you get a prefix like (donations sought)
bulletinstructions aren't clear, support requests aren't returned :(

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